Rotten Tricks of the Carpet Cleaning Industry

Top Rotten Tricks exposed

1. CHEAP PRICE QUOTED. This is the most common rotten trick! The price given by the rotten “carpet cleaning cowboy” is 5-10 times less than a reputable cleaner. The trick is to get you booked in with the dirt cheap price and then jack the price up later once there in your home. They prey on your vulnerability. It’s called bait and switch. In some countries it’s illegal. You end up paying a lot more for the carpet cleaning then the original price quoted because the rotten trick is to add all these additional items that should have already been included in the price.

2. CERTIFICATION REQUEST. The carpet cleaning industry is not regulated by any governing organisation. What this means is that any person can buy the necessary equipment and immediately begin booking jobs. They legally don’t need to have any licence or education requirement. Having said that, there are many education/certification organisations that can equip new people in the industry with the necessary knowledge and skills they will need. An example is the Institution of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Most reputable Carpet Cleaning technicians are members of this organisation. If as a consumer you have requested the technician to prove their certification and they cannot then chances are they are not. A reputable carpet cleaner will always carry a copy of their certification and happily oblige a customer’s request. This is the same as an electrician or plumber undertaking works on your property without evidence of licencing. I’m sure you wouldn’t allow that.

3. GUARANTEE OF WORKMANSHIP. Any reputable carpet service technician will happily offer a guarantee of the workmanship. The question is, do you as the customer even request a guarantee?

If you ask the technician for a written guarantee makes sure that they actually produce one.

As the old story goes people will promise you something over the phone but when it comes time to produce the goods they don’t come through. If the carpet cleaner is reputable they will have no problem giving a guarantee. Why should you pay for something if you don’t get what you were promised?

4. LIES, LIES and More LIES. Be careful of carpet cleaners that make unrealistic claims. It is a fact that not all stains can be removed. These are known as permanent stains as opposed to spots. It’s not unusual for a carpet cleaner to lie to you on the phone and then again in your home. The truth is that you should really listen to what the person is saying and look for any contradictions. If they tell you that they can remove a stain and they don’t then you shouldn’t have to pay.

4 Things to Look for in a Plumber

It’s happened to the best of us. It’s 1am and you head to the bathroom for the second time that night, but something’s different this time… wetter. As you slosh around in chilly, ankle-high water you realize something very expensive has just happened.

Burst pipes, at 1am and you, being so inconveniently modern, don’t even know where to turn off the main water valve, let alone patch up a leak with electrical tape, a pipe clamp and a bicycle inner tube. You’re not MacGyver!

There’s still one problem, you don’t have a plumber and you need one right away. So off you go to the yellow pages or the internet in a frantic search for an emergency plumber. The problem is you have absolutely no time to check whether or not you can trust this company. Do yourself a favour; find a plumber that ticks all the boxes so that when you’re in a pinch you won’t make matters worse for yourself.

4. Do They Offer a 24-Hour Emergency Service?

The thing about emergencies is that they happen at such inconvenient times and the problem with water gushing merrily from your pipes onto your beautiful new carpet is that it won’t keep until morning, you need to deal with it now.

Keeping this in mind one of the first things you should check is whether or not your future plumber will be there for you should you call frantically at 2:37am.

3. Have They Got The Proper Insurance?

Everyone makes mistakes. You never know when they’re going to happen and they’re not always somebody’s fault, the only protection from random errors is to insure against them. You don’t expect to crash your car or burn your house down, but you have insurance for that, don’t you?

Well, imagine something goes wrong during a plumbing job and you don’t have flood protection insurance for your house. Your plumber better be insured otherwise you’ll be the one stuck paying repair bills and trying to chase up what you’re owed through the courts (good luck).

Save yourself a lot of hassle up front and ask your plumber what type of insurance they have, just in case.

2. Do They Charge for Quotations?

Some companies will charge you a fee simply to come to your house and tell you exactly how bad your problem is. Sometimes, to prevent you from shopping around, they charge a quotation fee. This allows the cheeky plumber to charge more, after all how many £25 quotation fees will you pay before it becomes ridiculous?

At the end of the day you’re looking for a plumber you can work with long term, that should really mean you look out for each other. As a loyal customer you shouldn’t expect to pay a quotation fee every time there’s a problem.

1. Will They Leave a Mess?

This may seem like a minor issue, but if you’ve ever had someone come round and fix the problem only to leave your kitchen looking like a rugby team had a quick match in it, then you know that it’s not a minor issue. Why not save yourself the anguish and find out up front about their cleaning habits. If they promise to leave the place as they found it, then you’re onto a winner.

Hopefully, if you check for these 4 things, you will not experience quite so much despair when your next, unfortunately inevitable, plumbing emergency arises. It’s important to be as prepared as possible and when disaster strikes, the last thing you need is a cowboy plumber making it worse.

Acquiring the Right Floor Cleaning Tools and Products for a Shiny Finish

There are a wide variety of floor cleaning products available to help keep your hard floors looking clean and glossy. They can ensure that your floors stay shiny and sanitary by working to remove even the most ground in dirt and grime. There are certain areas in every home where heavy traffic cannot be avoided and this causes floors to get dirty easily. Tough stains can be removed only if you use good quality cleaning devices. The market is full of several kinds of cleaning products and machines to help you keep your floors looking like new. The hardest part of the process may be deciding what exactly to use.

The first supplies on any house cleaning products list are mops and brooms. They are perfect for clearing out every speck of dirt and dust that rests on a walking surface. There are different sizes and shapes to suit every kind of space large or small. Adjustable handles make them easy to use for every person. New materials make them more effective than ever for optimum floor cleaning.

Next are the cleaning chemicals. While a lot can be done with just water, there are times when stains or grime need some extra effort. There are many options for floor cleaning and most will leave the surface disinfected as well as looking pristine. There are many products that are extremely effective while also being environmentally friendly. Some people choose to use time tested methods like a vinegar solution. A little research will help you find the products that are perfect for your home.

Finally, you probably cannot get by with having clean floors without the use of sponges, scrubbers, and the occasional scouring solutions. These are absolutely necessary for spot cleaning and the occasional hard to remove problem area when floor cleaning. There are always corners and under the cabinet areas that can only be reached by hand. Any item that is rough or possibly corrosive should first be tested in an area where potential damage will not be easily seen.

When shopping for items for floor cleaning, buyers should make sure that the products they get are recommended for the materials their floors are made of. There are all purpose products out there, but often a specific product will work better on certain floors. There are a variety of specialty products for all types of flooring, from wood to travertine, and so on. Knowing the proper methods for using each cleaning item will go a long way to keeping a home looking great and a clean, safe place for all of its occupants.